Our Goverment

First and foremost, I want to thank the government for the great changes they have been able to implement.

It has I thanks our government shown a great concern to the well being of the children by introducing free primary and affordable secondary education for all, both from the rich and the less privileged in the society.

More so, they have taken great care of the aged people by giving them a monthly allowance to help cater for their needs.

Despite the government efforts to help alleviate poverty, some people are still not appreciative, instead of taking their children to school; they make them toil for cheap hard labour, while some are being forced into prostitution, all because of wanting money in return.

It is a high time; the community at large was taught on the rights of a child, so that when cases such as school dropout, defilement, molestation arise, they should take the necessary action so as to curb such vices from happening.
With these, we will be able to alleviate poverty by providing our children with education which will generate wealth through creation of employment opportunities.


Sreet children, our responsibility!

Help them today they will help you tomorrow, they have nowhere to eat, no money to spend and nowhere to shelter, all they ever ate was what they collected from the dumpsite,

I was seated guessing at the countless stars, then my friend asked, ’’What are you thinking’’?  But in that moment they were in my mind, ’’I was just wondering if I was a rich girl what I would do with all my wealth’’ I answered, ‘’and what would you do with it’’ he asked, ‘’I would like to see all the street children in school and living a happy life,

They think that sniffing of glue is the way of solving their problems out, but whenever it goes out of their head, while in hangover they come back to where they were, ooh poor children I feel pity to them.

I’m pleading to the government and nongovernmental organizations and also to those wealthy people out there to do something to these street children. I’m not forcing but I’m requesting, give them something to hold their future, like education or life skills training.

Teenage pregnancy

Each and every day I switch on to different television channels, different radio stations, magazines and so on, I come across advertisements cautioning youths on sex protection and to avoid indulging themselves into unprotected sexual intercourse. Of late, pregnancy rates among teens has risen especially in slum areas, this is as a result of teens engaging themselves in unprotected sex. Just the other day, my neighbor who is barely 17 years old, got pregnant and the boy responsible for it was 18 years old. Obviously, the society expects the boy to take charge of full responsibilities by providing for both the mother and the child, yet the boy is financially unable, not forgetting his parents who earn below $1 a day. It is high time parents took the initiative of teaching their daughters and sons on matters of sex, the moment they reach 12 years, so that early pregnancies may decrease with time. This can only be achieved by ensuring parent-child relationship is enhanced. Communication is an important aspect for both the teenagers and parents, inclusive of sex matters, which for a long time, parents have always wanted to ignore, and they assume that the teachers will do the rest Hence, exposing the teenagers to learn from their friends, which pose them to great risks and difficulties.

Life’s struggles

It is exactly two years since I completed my high school education, by then; life was a bed of roses. I felt everything in life as being enjoyable, little did I know that it will change with time, the moment I complete my education.

From the time I completed, life has always been full of struggles for me, since I have to look for ways and means of catering for some of the essentials I use on a daily basis, since I cannot ask my dad for cash to buy them.

I used to party a lot during my high school days, fun was one of my basic needs, and little did I know that it will reach a time that I would not crave for it, rather crave for life sustaining things. In the beginning of this year, my friends and I came up with an idea of forming a youth group comprising of eleven members.

This youth group has really helped many jobless and helpless people for example; there is a disabled member who we have rented for a house and another member who we provide with three meals a day, we also contributed money for one of our members whose mother passed on.

When Undugu Society of Kenya, came to our aid, we felt great, for they have changed the lives and future of many of us, by taking us for various skills training, based on what one wants to do as a career.

We thank Undugu Society Kenya for changing the lives of potential youths for the better, we thank you! We love you! Long live Undugu Society Kenya!


In Kenya, most people live below  a dollar a day, the few coins they are able to earn has to cater for their basic needs. Till affording a toothbrush or even toothpaste, is a big deal.

Poverty has become a daily disease, as it is following majority of us all over, hence making most of the people resort to crime, prostitution and other crimes, for survival.

In a certain ghetto, there is a girl called, ’Salome,’ 11 years of age. The little girl is six months pregnant, besides that, she is suffering from Tuberculosis, yet she is the one who still does all the house chores, then later, sells groundnuts, instead of going to school.

 Recently, her elder brother was killed by mob justice after stealing. Now Salome is the new sole breadwinner for the family. Meanwhile, her mother drinks illicit brew from the money she earns after selling groundnuts.

When her mother falls sick, Salome carries the burden alone of rushing her to the hospital for treatment, if the little money she has with her is not enough, they are always sent back home.

How and when will the poor get rid of poverty once and for all?

Unnecessary Accidents

Sometimes back, when there was no illegal connection of electricity life was harmless compared by today whereby, electricity is wrongly acquired by people who are not qualified to do such kind of work thus making life difficult for innocent people.

Earlier this week, l saw a three year kid being rushed to hospital after she a had touched live wires by the road side where she was playing with her friends, a man standing nearby saved the little girl by hitting the poor child’s finger with a piece of wood.

After a few minutes, the girl was pronounced dead. Incident like this could be avoided if people would taken proper measures or ways to acquire electricity this is through the Kenya Power and Lighting Company for your safety.

The government should ensure that everybody in urban centre has electricity including slum and ghettos inorder to avoid unnecessary accidents and death especially the children who in future they will great members in the society and the country at large.


For a long time, Kenyans have been witnessing police brutality, but little or no action is taken against them, many are the times they walk away scot free.

One day, a small boy who was starving, as a result of lack of food, decided to steal a loaf of bread, when the shop owner realized, he raised alarm and within a few minutes, the mob beat the boy senselessly, till he died on the spot, the police presence worsened the situation further, as they never bothered to take any action against the mob.

Is this the best way to handle petty cases? To add salt to injury, many are the times the police pick youth s from the estates and slums, especially the jobless ones and say they are suspects, but they never see the light of the day as they disappear mysteriously never to be seen again.

Time has come for the police either to own up for their deeds or tolerate the needs and voice of the public, with the new constitution, many people have hopes that the police will perform their duties as expected of them.’Utumishi kwa  wote.’